Friday, 1 January 2010

New year Flying

The new year has dawned with a flyable day (just) nothing epic, but enough to blow out the cobwebs. It's been a good 2 months since my last flight, i was starting to forget what all those bits of string did. Miles looked lost when he lobbed the wing up and couldn't decide what to do with his brake handles!

Lots of faces at Cox Tor, Dougie, Alan K, Miles, Mark (dude), Lawrence, Becky and a New pilot in Tavy, Andy, flies a team 5 blue. Ivor was flying his model aeroplane, i didn't see him crash it once!
Tomorrow looks to be a toss up between widgery and sourton, probably one of those days when it doesn't work at either!!

Dougie trying to remember how the vario works!

For a couple of minutes my zen was flowing and i became the Buddha of Cox tor!

Miles and Alan from our last xc to the 2 bridges hotel!

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  1. Nice my friend, pic at the top made me chuckle. Where we off to today then?