Sunday, 28 March 2010

Oh my god, over 40k in march!

First, you'd best look at the pictures in reverse order, d'oh!

I was rather excited when i reached the car park at corn rdige just before 10, i was dying to get going! Launching around 1045 conditions were weak but there were thermic cycles coming through and building. One trip to halfway down saw me sweating profusely, and after a spot of early lunch i decided not to put my glove inners back on, something i would later regret.

Dougie was climbing well, so i lanched again and we batted around at 700ft for a while, things started to get really lively and Dougie Mike and myself all caught the same thermal, with me in the middle! It's quite hard to concentrate on the thermal when you are constantly looking up and down at very close wings! Sadly Mike fell out the bottom, credit due though, he didn't give up, even though he was heading deeper and deeper into the moors! I think he had a 3 hour walk out:()

Dougie once again had his racing head on and shot off in a 2 bridges hotel direction, i was savouring every moment, eeking every last bit of lift to prolong any possible early landing. i needn't have worried, there was lift everywhere! A good climb over beardown and i set off towards Princetown, where i got and then quickly lost a very good climb. Oh well i thought lets go and fly over Burrator, something i've always wanted to do, as i approached there was gentle lift so i started to circle and kept with it for what seemed like forever!

Over meavy, then cadover onto the quarry at lee moor, horrendous sink just at the point of no return saw me running for the side where i found a screamer of a climb, heart rate settles again!
After this was a gentle glide towards lee mill, Tesco i thought, gotta be something coming off that huge car park. No not really, a gentle climb, leisurely circling, slowly getting better, oh thats it , round and round, SHIT, plane ahhhhh, air southwest merrily plodding through the air trying to catch paragliders, a panic turn to flash the wing at him and he passes by. PHEW heart rate once again returns to near normal. Keep heading for the coast, then the sea breeze convergence, rough as hell, probably some turbulence from the plane as well, by this time i had had enough, frozen, tired i took a couple more photos and planned my landing, 360 to check wind direction, oh shit thats a good sea breeze, best not land on that side of the hill then, switch fields and down, ahh!

Farmer waves hello as he goes past in the tractor, i dance around in the field like a nutter, happy after an amazing flight and trying to warm up again.

Pack up, short walk to PUB. Thats the puppy.

Cold and tired, the south coast near Holbeton
The Erme river meets the sea

The quarries on Lee moor

Termalling near Burrator

Burrator and Sheepstor

Burrator in the distance

Beardown plantation next to my feet

Looking down at Mike and the corn ridge bowl

Things picking up, Dougie in the distance and Meldon Reservoir

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