Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Slackers go flying

I was fortunate to have a short day at work today, so i rushed up to Sourton in quick time. Many of the normal slackers were there, Malcolm, Ivor, Tim, Jim, Miles, Mike, Colin, Paul and a few from North Devon. Conditions were rather fickle with many of the aforementioned having trips to the bottom. DOH

It was starting to get better, as i was walking up, Malcolm was cruising around at 1000 or so And climbs were coming through. I launched straight into a good cycle, pilots were circling everywhere. After my recent string of losing thermals easily i was very pleased to be climbing well, and for the first time this year, i have finally got to base! Hurrah!

I turned and ran in the direction of Fernworthy, eventually running into another thermal that took me to 5177'. It was starting to get a bit white, so i had to make a turn back in to wind, to go back into clear air in between clouds. I was now drifting over the warren house inn, it was very tempting to bin it here and have a few jars, but i was very high so continued on.
Looking in the direction i was travelling, i could see the sea,so i turned towards Exeter hoping my luck would continue and i could set a new site record. Yeah right!

Gliding towards Chagford i made a little video, then hooked into my next climb only for it to peter out after a few turns, and the sky suddenly looked oh so blue:(

I was gliding down the Bovey to moretonhampstead road valley, which from high up looked ok. As i started getting lower i was seriously worried about my landing options. A check on the gps showed my drift in a Northerly direction, I looked for high ground but there were trees everywhere. I settled on a field in which 2 tractors were ploughing, the dust from them showed the wind running along the length of the field. To say i was shittng myself would be a reasonable description, i came down vertical, i was out of the saddle along way up, primed for collapses/ PLF/ reserve. I came down fine in the end, slightly on the downslope on the back of the hill, then as usual watched a buzzard ping off into a thermal!

5 thumbs saw me back in Okehampton, taxi back to sourton, down to the fox and hounds in time to see everyone leave!

Flight track here http://www.paraglidingforum.com/leonardo/flight/318977

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