Thursday, 19 August 2010

Three musketeers get smuggled

Finally a break in the weather heralded a flying day with a thermal larger than my right foot. After dumping the kids on my mum and dad (thanks!) i rushed up to Sourton to find Tom and Dougie flying, i walked up with Malcolm, watching birds circling everywhere. Hopes were high!

The odd cycle was rolling through, plenty of lift around, as normal for sourton, you could push out quite far into the lift, it was over the road that i really found my first decent climb, i got about 700ft or so and lost it a bit so i headed back for the ridge where everybody was now climbing well. I started to circle with Dougie, tom was a little lower and we were heading for orbit. It felt very streety, gentle lift everywhere with embedded cores, i took some good photos while thermalling 1 handed, i seem to do better like that!

It was getting a bit wispy so i shot straight for the edge of the cloud where the lift continued gently, i remember thinking this is weird, but bloody nice, a few gentle turns in the stronger bits had us whooping and yee haa ing, really really special! The clouds seemed to be closing in around us, i made the decision to start heading away before a cloud started to condense around us, i set my sights on a rather large cloud in front of us. Unfortunately the main large thing about this cloud was the sink! we passed widgery on our right, over a very deep valley and glided over the backside of Standon hill for a long time, Dougie was alittle lower gliding downwind for a long time at about 20 ft over the ground.

Tom had landed about 1k away so we made plans to meet up, then trudged our way down the valley towards Peter Tavy. Tom flagged down a P force van and we bundled in the back, much like 3 mexicans crossing the border, we were smuggled into Tavy at mach 10 in the pitch black and dumped outside the cop shop!
Only 10.5k but a very special day out with good friends, it restores your faith in humanity (and flying for that matter!)
My apologies for the later part of the vid!

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