Monday, 21 March 2011

A weekend full of it!

Saturday saw a trip to Maker, lots of people there and a lovely days flying in the warm spring sun.
I had planned on having a break on sunday, but the chap i am buying a new wing off was making a trip to Eype near Lyme regis, so i sneaked up there for an hour or so playing on the BIG cliffs! Awesome site and with a campsite right next to takeoff.

Now for the pics from Eype

This one is looking east towards take off which is on the hill just to the other side of where the valley dips right to the beach 2/3 up the picture. You follow the signs for the beach at Eype

A brief glimpse of my new baby!
Well worth a trip, far more interesting than freathy, and it was flyable all day yesterday, while it was pretty much unflyable in the whitsand bay.

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