Thursday, 28 April 2011

2 days on the trot!

A trip to king tor was the order of the day, Sam once again kindly did the driving.
Conditions on take off were once again pretty strong, Martyn Foley was the first to take off, instantly dissapearing off over the back to princetown i believe.

Most thermals were broken affairs, much fun was had with the Colins and chunky, i climbed out in one to about 1300, thought i could make it to the warren house inn, and got royally drilled into the hill behind take off! Doh!

i walked back to take off with Mark Ansell, where chunky was entertaining the crowds trying to top land in very strong conditions.
The second flight was much the same as the first, although the thermal seemed much better although not higher!, climbing over the back i was met by Robin Mills who thought it would be fun to join my thermal head on, Yeah thanks for that.
Thankfully he headed off soon after rather than try to help us get farther.

I glided on towards Bellever tor, starting to pick up bits over the plantation, before i had a huge frontal collapse while about 300ft up, the wing was faultless and reopened straight away, i was ready on the brakes to prevent the surge and we were thermalling straight away. i thought i was ok, but the adrenaline kicked in after a few seconds and i was useless, shaking and not able to concentrate. i did my best to try to calm down, but i had lost the best of the thermal and wanted to land :(
I landed just shy of the YMCA centre at Bellever, planning to go there for a beer, but John very kindly had come from the Warren house inn to pick me up. Huge thanks!
A couple of beers later and my heart rate is once again normal.

After landing i watched Colin B and Paul C working well together to get to Princetown, top job guys.

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