Wednesday, 27 April 2011

At long last the duck is broken!

Not for lack of trying, the last couple of weeks have been a frustrating time, days that should have been good just failed to deliver, a missed opportunity because i didn't feel too well, and just plain old crap flying!

Monday was king tor, we had first tried Meldon hill, Dougie, Tim, Bex and I explored a new site to us, i had a little scratch around, sadly the wind was off the hill. We heard from Robin who was at King tor about to take off. An hour or so later we joined them on the hill. it was quite windy and looked lively. I took off into the base of Dougie and Martyns thermal and it was very rock and roll. i found my own thermal sometime later and was joined by Robin, it was very difficult to stay with and we never got high, i landed on the hill behind the cars and i picked Robin up just a little down the valley.
After a beer with Dougie (cheers mate) at the 2 bridges i stopped at cox tor for an ice cream, popped round the back to find Mark canvin at the bottom, i went for a little fly and it was very bouncy and not that pleasant, still thats 3 sites flown in one day!

Today, i was going to see what it looked like at dinner, but Sam gave me a nudge a bit earlier and i said yeah ok. We left Tavy around 1130, it was looking very gloomy and with no wind! We drove up to Princetown and checked the wind, a good breeze and bang on East, 2 mins later we were at bdown,woohoo! Not only that but the sky looked good too! Within 5 mins of taking off i was climbing good, there was practically no drift on the thermals and it felt good:) Still took me a while to get to base which was around 3k ato, downwind was very grey, and i was quite concerned about not being able to see the clouds, i was topping up all the way in whatever i could find, the last climb was over cox tor which was the last bit of ground in the sun, after that it was a simple glide to the golf course in Tavistock, which happens to be about 200 m from my house!

A view of the nice sky looking east, to the west it was nasty!

Not only that but the van passed its mot this avo as well!

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