Monday, 4 April 2011

A couple of days out flying!

A week last sunday, was expected to be a good day, we had left my van at yelverton as retrieve van with an expectation that Dougie or I would get there, alas, it was not to be! The fog was in when we were heading up to princetown, and stayed until about 30 mins after we got there. I was ready to go and launched in a lightish wind but went up pretty well, the rabble followed and 5 or so mins of good flying switched off and we all got dumped!
It was the same story all day, heavily inverted at around 750, and quite bumpy too, so no mid air pictures as this was the first active fly of my new wing.

After my last lecture for my ou course on saturday, i hadn't heard from Dougie (who was poorly) so thought i would pop over to freathy to see if it was on. To say the wind was strong was a little bit of an understatement! Tim helped with a little push off the hill (cheers mate!) and big ears were needed to get down.

On bar into a slight headwind, down to portwrinkle, it may have been possible to get onto the cliffs on the other side, but time was against me, so..

It was full bar all the way back! I passed mark and jen on the tandem who hit a lull and had to land on the beach, very strange!

A happy boy on his new toy!
I was a little concerned at first as the big ears are supposed to be a little unstable on the 'factor' fortunately it does not seem to affect mine, happy days!

Roll on a good xc day soon!

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