Sunday, 11 March 2012

A catch up on this years flying.

First is a pic from last year, i was driving up to Sourton and as i came out onto black down i thought, bloody hell the van sounds noisy. Then 2 choppers came up the valley from behind me!
On thursday i popped up to cox tor, the sky was very dreary but there was lift everywhere and i had a very nice afternoon boating around.

Today, i wasn't expecting to fly, the forecast didn't give much hope but Dougal and Sam were keen, heading up to Meldon hill early. I was busy doing some plumbing in my kitchen, and when the mist finally cleared i raced up towards meldon, i called Dougal from the turning off the main road as i saw no one was flying. The wind was off to the north, so i raced back to Cox tor, promising that i would never drive straight past without checking as i normally do.

I let Sam and Dougal know the wind was bang on andlaunched straight into good lift, i did a few turns getting 150' or so and fell out of it, Sam, Dougal, Tim and Mark 'the dude' showed up to share thermic cycles and flying fun.
Dougal flying high
Looking down at Tim Sam and Mark on launch
Dougal exploring the front of the lift
Thats not all the flying from this year, just what i have remembered to take pictures of!

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